Home World Unknown
Other Residences The World That Never Was
Series Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Role Antagonist
Allies Vexen, Lexaeus, Organization XIII
Enemies Riku, Marluxia, Larxene
First Appearance "The Ice Cream That Started It All"
Last Appearance "The Road to Dawn"

Zexion was Rank VI within Organization XIII and the leader of the underground members in Castle Oblivion. He sought to obtain Riku, and use him to counter the above ground members' plot to overthrow the Organization. However, he was defeated once Riku accepted that he is both light and darkness.

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Appearances Edit

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts II

Trivia Edit

  • Zexion is one of two Organization XIII members to have never met Sora. The other is Lexaeus.
  • Zexion was the fifth member of Organization XIII to be killed.
  • Zexion was killed by Riku, but in the game, he was absorbed by Riku Replica after Axel promised the puppet it would get stronger if he does (but he was merely trying to eliminate any eyewitness accounts of his actions at Castle Oblivion.) Re:chain of Memories incorporates the battle against Riku before he is severely wounded and found by Axel.