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Other Residences Traverse Town

Castle Oblivion Twilight Town

Series Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Kingdom Hearts II

Role Main Protagonist

Keyblade wielder

Origin Kingdom Hearts
Love Interest Kairi
Allies Riku, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse
Enemies Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Xemnas, Organization XIII, Maleficent
First Appearance "Calling"
Last Appearance "The Meaning of the Paopu Fruit"
I know now I don't need the Keyblade. I've got a better weapon. My heart. If my friends think of me now and then...if they don't forget me...then our hearts will be one. My friends are my power!

Sora is a Keyblade wielder from Destiny Islands and the best friend of Riku and Kairi. Alongside them, he dreamed of seeing the outside world, but after his world was consumed by Darkness, he embarked on a quest to find them with Donald Duck and Goofy which spanned across many worlds. Along the way, he used his Keyblade to seal the Keyhole and defeat threats to the worlds. Following the destruction of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrived at Castle Oblivion where his memories were tampered by Naminé as part of a plan by Organization XIII to use him as a puppet to overthrow the Organization.

Following their defeat, Sora slept for a year where part of his memories were stolen by the remaining members of the organization to create a Replica, Xion, in order to double their heart collection. After Xion sacrificed herself to his Nobody, Roxas, and once he reunited with Sora, Sora awoke, and along with Donald and Goofy, continued their journey to find Riku and the King.

History Edit

Early life Edit

When Sora was four, he found a young girl named Kairi washed on the shore of Destiny Islands.[1] Sometime after meeting Kairi, Sora unknowingly led her to his and Riku's Secret Place. He told her that no one was allowed to come in, but granted her access because she was special. The two ended up sketching cave drawings in each other's likeness on the walls.[2] Sora and Riku would occasionally sword fight each other.[3]

Plans to see the world Edit

Instead of working on the raft, Sora slept on the shore of an island where he dreamt about the night of a meteor shower where a mysterious voice recited a legend detailing the fall of the world into Darkness and the reconstruction of it into smaller worlds due to the fragments of light within children and about his first encounter with Kairi. Upon awakening, Sora was called a lazy bum by Kairi who teasingly scolded him for slacking off. The two walked toward the raft where Sora marveled at the fact that it was completed. Riku approached them, insinuating that both of them were always slacking off and asked if they were sharing Paopu fruit. Sora immediately tensed, but Riku claimed to be joking. Once on the raft, Sora shared his concerns with the rest of them, asking if they were really going to find another world at the end of the ocean. Riku reassured him and cited Kairi as the reason they knew about the existence of other worlds. Kairi interrupted to show them her Thalassa shell lucky charm, a good luck token known for their use by sailors. Sora assured that they would be all right and marched into the tide with his pendent, promising that they were off to see the world. As he walked to the docks, Riku approached Sora and handed him a Paopu fruit, and explained that if two people shared one, their destinies became intertwined. He asked Sora if he was planning on using it before their departure, but Sora became confused by Riku's words and left him flustered. That night, Sora stared at the Paopu fruit before dismissing it as a fairy tale and tossed it across the room before turning to fall asleep.[1]

The next day, Sora traveled to the Secret Place to collect mushrooms and, upon spotting the cave drawings in the likeness of him and Kairi, reminisced about him and Kairi drawing them. He sketched a Paopu fruit be handed from his cave painting to Kairi when a voice snapped him out of his thoughts. Sora questioned the cloaked figure but he simply told Sora the the world had been connected to the Darkness and was about to be eclipsed. Sora questioned the man's words, but he simply called Sora ignorant and unknowing of what laid beyond a door. At that moment, Kairi found Sora at the Secret Place and asked him what he was doing. Embarrassed at the though of Kairi seeing his drawing, Sora pushed her out of the Secret Place and looked back to see that the man had vanished. At the docks, Sora promised to wake up early for their departure the next day. That night, he finished packing his supplies when he noticed a storm approaching the island with their raft. Concerned about it, Sora rowed back to the island and spotted Riku and Kairi's boats stationed at the docks. He ran into the island and found Riku standing behind himself. He asked Riku about Kairi, but Riku simply smirked as Darkness began to envelop him.[2]

Riku urged Sora to come with him and reassured him that Kairi would be coming as well. He told Sora not to fear the Darkness as Sora reached out to him in an attempt to join him. However, Sora was enveloped within the Darkness and was transported to the Secret Place in a burst of light. He spotted Kairi standing in front of a door and called out to her. As she weakly turned around, the door burst open and shot Kairi toward him. Sora attempted to catch her in his arms, but she passed through him instead. As Sora is enveloped within Darkness again, the mysterious voice advised Sora to be unafraid as he possessed the mightiest weapon in the world. In a flash of light, a Keyblade appeared in Sora's hand, shocking him.[4]

Sora questioned whether the Keblade was a key or sword when the voice informed him that it's the power within him. The Darkness suddenly shattered and transported Sora onto a remain of the island. He looked up and spotted a Darkside hovering over him. The giant creature attacked with a blast from its heart shaped hole, but the voice told Sora not to be afraid, motivating him to land standing up. With no other choice, Sora attacked smaller dark creatures and shouted that his experience through sword fighting was because of his training with Riku. Sora noted that there was no end to the little creatures and decided to go after the big one as it slammed a fist onto the floor, but he is stunned by its size. The voice advised him to aim for the eye and Sora jumped on the giant's hand and as it raised him, Sora leaped and struck the giant's head.[3]

Sora celebrated his victory and goaded the Darkside by asking if it wanted another strike to the face. Before he could do so, the Darkside and chunks of the island began to descend into Darkness. Sora grabbed onto a tree branch to keep himself from being sucked in as well, but lost his grip and screamed as he followed the Darkside into Darkness.[5]

Arrival in Traverse Town Edit

After being knocked unconscious, Sora landed in a side alley of Traverse Town where Pluto found him. The dog woke up Sora with a lick of his face, much to Sora's digust. He questioned his surroundings and recounted how he was sucked in with the giant, but is unable to determine where he ended up. He turned to Pluto for answers, but the dog turned and ran off.[5]

Sora wandered around Traverse Town and commented on its weirdness when he was approached by a young woman, who offered to show him around. Sora declined, flustered, but the woman told him not to be shy. Sora protested that he wasn't when a Soldier stole the woman's heart. Sora watched as her body disappeared and found himself surrounded by an army of the same creatures who attacked his island. He ran into the Accessory Shop where the clerk, Cid, told him to get out as he didn't look like a customer. At that moment, the creatures banged on the door, causing Cid to realize that Sora was pursued by Heartless. Sora attempted to warn Cid, but he simply opened the door and vaporized the Heartless with a machine. He informed Sora that the creatures were known as Heartless, beings who fed on people's hearts. Sora asked Cid if they were in another world and explained that he was at an island with his friends when he woke up at the town. Cid informed Sora that Traverse Town was a place of residence for those who lost their home land and suggested that Sora take a look around before he offered his assistance and introduced himself as Cid. Sora exited the shop only to be confronted by a man who warned him that the Heartless would follow him as long as he wielded the Keyblade.[6]

Before Sora could register the man's words, he knocked him out with a swing of his blade. As Sora awoke, he mistook Yuffie for Kairi who told the man, Squall, that he may have overdone it. Squall corrected her by reminding her that he goes by Leon. He explained that the Heartless are searching for his Keyblade which Sora claimed to be make sense and demanded a further explanation. However, the Heartless knocked on the door and Leon told Yuffie to go and instructed Sora to find the boss. As Sora followed Leon, he was separated from him by several Heartless and heard someone calling for help. Above him, Donald Duck and Goofy fell off a balcony and collapsed on top of him. Before they could recover, walls rose from the ground and cut them off from the rest of the town. Mechanical limbs shot from the sky and connected to form the Guard Armor causing Sora to protest at the thought of having to fight another giant. A gauntlet rocketed toward him, but Goofy intervened with his shied and he and Donald offered their help to defeat the Heartless. The Guard Armor fired a laser which grazed Sora, but he was cured by Donald with a spell. After a brief scuffle, the Guard Armor managed to shoot a gauntlet that propelled the trio into the air. Sora twirled in mid-air and delivered a finishing blow to the Guard Armor, destroying it. After the battle, Sora was informed by Donald and Goofy that they were looking for him. Goofy suggested that he joined them and explore different worlds on their ship, but Sora was concerned about Riku and Kairi. Donald reassured him that they'll find them as well. Leon urged Sora to go with them to find his friends and he weakly agreed. Donald, however, told him that he'd had to have a happy face as their ship runs on them. Sora performed a funny face and the three laughed with each other. They introduced each other and put their hands in together before they exclaimed, "All for one and one for all!"[7]

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Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts II

Trivia Edit

  • Sora is the only character to appear in every chapter of Kingdom Hearts.

References Edit

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