Kingdom Hearts Volume 4
Series 1, Volume 4
Kingdom Hearts Manga 4
Publisher TOKYOPOP
Released July 11, 2006
Adapted by Shiro Amano
Lettering by Fawn Lau
Page Count 136
ISBN ISBN 1-59816-220-9
Price $5.99 USD
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Kingdom Hearts Volume 4 is the fourth and final volume of Kingdom Hearts. It was released on July 11th, 2006 by TOKYOPOP.

Solicitation Edit

Sora, Donald, and Goofy are forced to choose between duty and friendship. Our heroes must follow their hearts if they are to succeed and defeat the growing Heartless menace. But in the world of Kingdom Hearts, choices are never easy!

Episodes Edit

Featured worlds and characters Edit

Gummi Ship
Destiny Islands
Traverse Town
Hollow Bastion
End of the World
100 Acre Woods


Differences Edit

  • Goofy finds the one Gummi Block they need in a Rock, Paper, Scissors fight with the Lost Boys.
  • In Hollow Bastion, the group never fights Maleficent. Instead, she is overcome by darkness after Riku seals her heart with the Keyblade of People's Hearts.
  • Riku does not fight Sora after Sora reclaims the Keyblade from him in Hollow Bastion. After Donald Duck and Goofy defend him and Sora takes back the Keyblade, Riku sends out a wave of darkness to distract Sora and flees. After this, he meets Ansem.
  • Instead of Sora and his friends fighting Maleficent, she is consumed by her darkness and vanishes when Riku/Ansem unlocks her heart with the Keyblade of People's Hearts.
  • Sora and company stay in Hollow Bastion on their first visit as the place becomes overrun by Heartless, as opposed to fleeing and coming back later.
  • Sora does not fight Riku under Ansem's possession. After they meet before the Keyhole, Riku/Ansem tells Sora that the Keyhole cannot be sealed with Sora's Keyblade until Kairi's heart is freed, and he gives Sora the Keyblade of People's Hearts to release her heart.
  • Sora and company never fight the Behemoth in Hollow Bastion. Instead, Cid appears and destroys the beast.
  • Chernabog never appears.
  • Sora does not battle Ansem at the End of the World. After confronting him at the remnants of Destiny Islands, Ansem destroys the island and Sora and his friends fall into darkness, where Ansem reveals the World of Chaos ship. Sora, Donald and Goofy then rush to the Door to Darkness to try and close it, when the light from Kingdom Hearts beyond the door destroys Ansem.

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