Kingdom Hearts Volume 3
Series 1, Volume 3
Kingdom Hearts Manga 3
Publisher TOKYOPOP
Released April 11, 2006
Lettering by Jose Macasocol Jr.
Page Count 176
ISBN ISBN 1-59816-219-5
Price $5.99 USD
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Kingdom Hearts Volume 3 is the third volume of Kingdom Hearts. It was released on April 11th, 2006 by TOKYOPOP.

Solicitation Edit

When Monstro the whale swallows Sora and crew, the world of Kingdom Hearts plunges into an underwater adventure! Deep within the ocean depths, Sora lends Geppetto and Pinocchio a helping hand to fend off the Heartless. Our heroes then dive even deeper under the sea to face Ursula the Sea Witch. But Sora and Riku better surface fast because they have to rescue Kairi from the clutches of Captain Hook! When it comes to dealing with the Heartless, let your conscience be your guide, and don't forget the pixie dust!

Episodes Edit

Featured worlds and characters Edit

Gummi Ship
Traverse Town
Olympus Coliseum

Differences Edit

  • Deep Jungle and Halloween Town do not appear in the manga, the former due to copyright laws.
  • Hades is defeated by being sucked into a whirlpool and is never fought.
  • Figaro appears in Monstro while Maleficent doesn't.
  • The Parasite Cage is only fought once and the battle itself is skipped.
  • Pinocchio doesn't recover until after the battle with Parasite Cage, but in the game, it is before.
  • Monstro sneezes its inhabitants out because of all the commotion they caused in the game, but in the manga he sneezes them out because of the bonfire Geppetto started.
  • In Atlantica, the Crystal Trident is never found or used.
  • In Atlantica, King Triton destroys all of the items in Ariel's Grotto.
  • King Triton is turned into a pelop in the manga, but in the game he is only injured by the trident.
  • The battle with Ursula's cauldron is omitted.
  • Neverland is actually visited in the manga while in the game, only Captain Hook's ship and Big Ben are visited.
  • The Lost Boys appear in Neverland.
  • Donald is the only character while in Neverland who cannot fly.

Bonus Material: Kingdom Bites Edit

  • A Day in the Life of Captain Hook: Captain Hook polishes his hook all day but sometimes fights Peter Pan or flees from the Crocodile.
  • Farewell Gift: Cloud grants Sora a Gummi Block, but it falls into a sewer.
  • Dinner: Geppetto fishes for food, but Pinocchio decides to eat a Gummi Block.
  • Present: Ariel gives Triton a pair of goofy glasses.
  • Ansem Memo: Aerith questions why Ansem likes shitake mushrooms in his curry.

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