Kingdom Hearts Volume 2
Series 1, Volume 2
Kingdom Hearts Manga 2
Publisher TOKYOPOP
Released January 10, 2006
Adapted by Shiro Amano
Lettering by Jose Macasocol Jr.
ISBN 1-59816-218-7
Price $5.99 USD
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Kingdom Hearts Volume 2 is the second volume of Kingdom Hearts. It was released on January 10th, 2006 by TOKYOPOP.

Solicitation Edit

Sora, Goofy, and Donald Duck continue their magical journey. Along the way they discover new clues about Maleficent's preparations to conquer all the worlds. The fate of all beings lies within the power of Sora's Keyblade - and the strength of his heart!

Episodes Edit

Featured worlds and characters Edit

Destiny Islands
Disney Castle
Traverse Town
Olympus Coliseum

Differences Edit

  • Rather than tossing the Keyblade back to Sora, Riku causes it to re-materialize in Sora's hands.
  • The destruction of Radiant Garden is covered with more detail, including a scene with Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith as children.
  • The order of worlds post Wonderland differs from the order in game. Instead of heading to either Olympus Coliseum or Deep Jungle (which is omitted), the group returns to Traverse Town. This variation continues with Agrabah, then Olympus Coliseum, and finally Monstro.
  • Aladdin uses his first wish to save Sora and his friends from a pit of quicksand, rather than to eliminate a swarm of Heartless. He uses his second wish to save Goofy, not Jasmine.
  • Sora, Donald, and Goofy don't visit Agrabah until after Jafar's defeat.
  • The Pot Centipede does not appear
  • Maleficent takes Jasmine, rather than Riku.
  • Jasmine is taken before the fight with Jafar, but in the game, she is taken after.
  • Abu's vocal sounds are subtitled with actual lines.
  • Cid communicates with the trio by a video transmission.

Bonus Material: Kingdom Bites Edit

  • Come On Out, Genie: Genie is excited to be summoned only to find out he has to open a jar.
  • Cafe du Aerith: Leon refuses to drink Aerith's lemonade as she puts salt on it.
  • A Day in the Life of Cid: Cid "accidentally" sleeps for eighteen hours.
  • Final Mix Juice: Leon accepts a cold drink from Aerith, but she puts milk in it.
  • Mr. Fancy: Hades dresses up a toy version of Hercules for revenge.

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