Kingdom Hearts II Volume 2
Series 3, Volume 2
Kingdom Hearts II (English) (Tokyopop) Manga 2
Publisher TOKYOPOP (ENG)
GanGan Comics (JAP)
Released May 9, 2008
Adapted by Shiro Amano
Lettering by Michael Palolilli
Page Count 192
ISBN ISBN 978-1-4278-1504-0
Price $8.99 USD
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Kingdom Hearts II Volume 2 is the second volume of Kingdom Hearts II. It was released on May 9th, 2008 by TOKYOPOP. Following this volume, the series was discontinued in America due to TOKYOPOP losing the license and closing afterwords.

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Based on the smash-hit video game!

Stunned by the cryptic words spoken by Namine, Roxas desperately tries to uncover the true connection to his dream-self, Sora. For her part, Namine wants to help Roxas in his quest, but she'll have to act quickly before DiZ succeeds in his plan to "dispose" of her. And then there is the question of Axel - and just whose side is he really on...

The fantastic adventure of Kingdom Heats continues!

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