A Day in the Life of Cid
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Volume 1
Chapter 3
Series Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Release Date January 10, 2006
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One day, on the fifteenth, a Moogle enters Cid's room to clean and finds Cid asleep in his chair with his feet on the desk. A few hours later, the Moogle returns to borrow a book from Cid's bookshelf. Later, in the evening, the Moogle exits Cid's room clutching a pillow and dressed in a night cap and gown. Cid scratches his chin and suddenly wakes up. He shouts, stating he accidentally fell asleep for eighteen hours. [1]


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Traverse Town


  • This is the only Kingdom Bite with a ending panel ie A Day in the Life of Cid - End.
  • This comic strip is the only appearance of a Moogle in the manga adaptation. However, Moogles did appear in the cover page for "Traverse Town"[2] and The Man Named Leon[3].

Notes and referencesEdit

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